Another NFL player, Tyreek Hill, accused of domestic violence

Those who have excelled in the world of professional sports may have a tendency to feel almost invincible at times. Unfortunately, that feeling of invincibility may lead a select few to overstep the bounds of appropriate behavior in the mistaken belief that there will be insignificant consequences. NFL fans in Colorado may be aware that Tyreek Hill, a star wide receiver with the Chiefs, is on suspension following allegations of domestic violence.

Hill, who was drafted in 2016, was suspended after reports of an audio recording involving possible child abuse were televised on a local news station. The report also included details of two separate police calls in the past 30 days involving the former Pro Bowler and his finance. On at least one of those calls it was determined that the couple’s 3-year-old child had been injured, though it was unclear how the injuries occurred or who may have been responsible.

The local prosecutor has declined to press charges unless or until it becomes clear as to who caused the child to suffer harm. The audio recording that was shared with a local news station was allegedly recorded by Hill’s girlfriend while they were traveling. It purportedly captured a statement from Hill stating that not only the child but his girlfriend should also be afraid of the athlete. A recent anonymous call to the police was in response to a claim that his finance had been harmed though there was no evidence of an injury at that time.

Both the National Football League and Kansas City Chiefs are conducting investigations into the allegations. Hill has a prior history of domestic violence for which he was dismissed from his college team. Anyone accused of domestic abuse in Colorado has an uphill battle and could face both personal and professional repercussions.  Victims of abuse may feel overwhelmed in their own right and unsure of which way to turn. In either instance, an experienced family law attorney is an important ally to protect one’s personal rights and fight for a just outcome.

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