An unusual approach to the division of marital assets

When a Colorado marriage is on the rocks, many couples wish that dividing marital property was a simple procedure. Dread over the division of marital assets lead some couples to stay married long after it has become clear that the union is headed for divorce. One European entrepreneur has come up with a unique solution to at least one aspect of property division. He has designed a home that can be easily divided in half if a couple decides to pursue divorce.

The concept behind the home is simple. Two individual carbon fiber structures would be joined by a connecting mechanism. The entire structure would be a floating home, similar to a houseboat. In the event of divorce or separation, the couple could simply detach the structures and float apart from one another.

The concept is still in the research and development phase, although a prototype is expected sometime next year. While a detachable house may not be attainable in today’s real estate market, plenty of couples would love to have the ability to literally divide their home in half and move on with their lives. In reality, dividing marital assets, including real estate, is a far more complex matter.

Colorado couples who are seeking information concerning their options during the division of marital assets should schedule a consultation with a divorce attorney. There are a number of ways to make this process far less stressful and costly than many spouses envision. While a detachable house is not currently a viable option, detaching in a collaborative and constructive manner is a goal that is well within most people’s reach.

Source:, “Prenuptial Housing lets couples on the outs easily split their home in half“, Rick Stella, Aug. 21, 2016

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