After 4 years, former American Idol judge has a divorce judgment

There are many reasons why a marriage may not survive. For those in the entertainment industry, life under public scrutiny may play a role in the countless relationships that end in divorce. Colorado residents who are fans of talent shows may be aware that a former judge on American Idol has been waiting for years for his divorce to be settled.

After years of deciding the future of aspiring singers, former American Idol judge, Randy Jackson, has a decision of his own — from divorce court. Jackson, who was a judge on the popular show for years, was served with divorce papers in 2014. The musician was married to Erika Riker for 18 years. They have two children who are now grown. When Riker initially petitioned for the divorce, she requested that she be granted physical custody and joint legal custody of the couple’s son who was a minor at the time.

Though details surrounding the settlement terms have not been publicly disclosed, Riker stated that the divorce was based on “irreconcilable differences.” Neither one has offered any statements concerning the matter nor why the process took approximately four years. According to the public announcement, the final decree will be issued early next month.

At one point during the couple’s marriage, they founded an organization together that focused on physical fitness and dance. It is unclear whether that foundation is still in operation. This is the second divorce for Jackson, as his first marriage ended in 1990. Colorado residents who are planning to petition for their own divorce may wish to retain the services of a skilled attorney in order to seek a suitable settlement in a timely manner.

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