Actor Tyrese Gibson wins shared child custody

When public figures struggle with private family issues, the resulting publicity can take a terrible toll on all parties involved. Unfortunately, if the issues involve a struggle over child custody, then even the children can suffer from the negative attention. Due to the amount of attention he received over a public breakdown, it is likely that even Colorado residents are aware of actor Tyrese Gibson’s custody fight.

The actor’s struggles commenced sometime after his marriage to his daughter’s mother ended. At some point during the former couple’s custody dispute, the mother alleged that Gibson engaged in domestic violence toward her. She claimed that she was knocked down and then physically restrained by him while he struck her with his hand. During the time that social services conducted an investigation, the father was prohibited from having any contact with his 10-year-old daughter. During that time, he engaged in public displays of despair while pleading for rights to see his child.

The investigation was completed and resulted in no charges against Gibson. A judge just recently ordered that the father and mother were to share equal custody of their daughter starting in January of 2018. The mother sought and was denied a permanent restraining order against her former husband.

Gibson once again took to social media to announce the shared child custody orders. He expressed his relief and gratitude for being granted the opportunity to be a regular part of his child’s life. The majority of custody disputes do not take place in such a public manner. However, every situation is unique and deserves an individually tailored approach. Colorado residents who are struggling to resolve these matters may choose to seek the guidance of an experienced family law professional who can help ensure that the best interests of a child are represented in any proposed parenting plan.

Source:, “Tyrese Gibson Celebrates Winning 50/50 Custody Of Daughter“, Nigel Roberts Entertainmenthome, Nov. 18, 2017

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