Act of domestic violence caught on GoPro camera

When an individual claims that he or she has been subjected to an act of domestic violence, it can be difficult to substantiate those claims in a Colorado court of law. Without any form of proof, the court is left to try and determine if the parties are telling the truth or giving false statements. This a problem, because many abusers are aware that they will likely face no consequences if the victim is unable to prove that the incident took place. For one man, the only way to capture the acts of domestic violence that he suffered at the hands of his estranged wife was to wear a body camera.

The man, who is an Army Ranger, asserts that his wife has assaulted him multiple times. The couple are involved in a combative divorce and custody battle over their twin sons, who are 2 years old. According to the father, his wife has attacked him numerous times, so he began strapping a GoPro camera to his belt to film custody exchanges.

During a recent exchange, the camera caught the wife as she reached around the man and grabbed at his genitals. In the video, he is heard telling her to “stop” after she came up behind his back and quickly grabbed him. As he turns to confront her, she backs away. She then tells him that if he calls the police, she will tell them that he assaulted her.

The police were called. Because the camera caught the assault, the woman was arrested for domestic battery. In addition, the couple has a court date in the near future, and the man hopes that the footage will help him back up his claims that he has been the victim of domestic violence, and not a perpetrator. His story illustrates the importance of gathering evidence to support any claim related to domestic violence, in Colorado or elsewhere.

Source:, “Watch: Army ranger uses GoPro to catch wife’s domestic violence on video“, Sept. 22, 2015

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