A new year often heralds a new start with a winter divorce filing

The tagline for diamond advertisements is that diamonds are forever, possibly as a lure for couples who are entertaining thoughts of getting married. Unfortunately, though the divorce rate has purportedly slowed over the past few years, the odds of a Colorado couple getting a divorce are still fairly high. In fact, family law professionals claim that the month following the holiday season is the busiest for their practices.

The holiday season comes with many stresses and extra work. As a result, couples who are already struggling in their marital relationship may finally decide that a new year is the ideal time to start a new chapter. Some family law professionals state that they refer to January as the Divorce Month due to the increase in new clients seeking a dissolution. They have offered some suggestions to those couples who are contemplating taking this step.

The first suggestion is to seek the assistance of a financial planner who can advise an individual on the best ways to proceed in an effort to ensure that he or she can survive financially after a divorce. This is especially important for older couples who may have limited resources. Experts also advise spouses to not let emotions override serious decisions relating to the division of assets. Purportedly, individuals may be willing to make unnecessary concessions in order to exit a bad marriage as quickly as possible.

Some professionals have also offered the option of seeking a separate life while remaining legally married. While this is not an attractive possibility for most unhappy couples, it may be beneficial to a few who are not on solid financial ground due to Social Security benefits or limited pensions. For the majority of distressed Colorado marriages, the decision to seek a divorce may be the best solution for those problems that cannot be resolved. An experienced family law attorney can provide the information and guidance that may allow these couples to part ways in the manner that will best meet their unique circumstances.

Source: fox6Now.com, “Experts Dub January ‘Divorce Month’ As More Couples Decide To Call It Quits”, Jan. 13, 2018

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