A good prenup can guide the division of marital assets

When a celebrity couple decides to move toward divorce, the details of their personal and financial lives often become fodder for both traditional and tabloid media. In some cases, the public can learn from the experience of divorcing celebrities. An example lies in the recent divorce of actress Kaley Cuoco and her husband Ryan Sweeting. Because the couple had a prenuptial agreement in place, the division of marital assets was simplified, leaving Cuoco the bulk of her wealth. That outcome could prompt many Colorado readers to consider including a prenup in their own wedding plans.

Cuoco has earned a reported net worth of $45 million in her role on the hit television show “Big Bang Theory.” Shortly after the actress married her tennis player husband, she signed a contract that will pay her $1 million per episode. When the couple decided to divorce, Sweeting asked for spousal support. However, the terms of the prenup overruled that request, and Cuoco will walk away from the marriage relatively unscathed.

Sweeting will receive a lump sum of $165,000, in addition to nearly $200,000 to settle unpaid bills for personal training services. Cuoco will also cover up to $55,000 for legal fees, and an additional amount to pay for legal services connected to drafting the prenup. She will also retain the couple’s two homes.

Not all Colorado residents have a multi-million dollar fortune to protect in a divorce. However, no one wants to see a sizable chunk of their assets lost in the event that the marriage should end and a division of marital assets becomes necessary, especially in cases such as Cuoco’s where the union lasted a scant two years. Having a solid prenuptial agreement in place at the time of marriage can help prevent such loss, no matter what one’s net worth.

Source: hollywoodtake.com, “Kaley Cuoco’s Net Worth Split In Divorce Settlement? Ryan Sweeting Prenup Protected ‘Big Bang Theory’ Star’s Fortune (PHOTOS)”, Melissa Siegel, May 10, 2016

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