4 types of domestic violence charges that are felonies

When considering domestic violence charges, you should consider the fundamental crime committed. A domestic violence charge is a designation added to a crime if you are or were intimately involved with the victim. It typically increases the punishment you receive associated with the underlying offense.

Here are four types of felonies you can typically find associated with a domestic violence charge.

Abusing a child

If you cause serious harm or injury to a minor child under the age of 16, your actions likely merit a felony. Additionally, child abuse can also put your child in a situation that unreasonably risks their health or death.

Assaulting the person

You can also obtain a felony charge for committing first or second-degree assault against the person. These two types of assault typically occur if you use a deadly weapon.

Stalking the person

If you pose a credible threat and have continually acted in a way that legitimately causes the person to suffer emotional distress or fear, you can obtain a felony stalking charge. Penalties for this offense can increase if you also violate a protective order.

Menacing with a weapon

Menacing relating to domestic violence involves using actions or threats that put a person you were intimate with in fear of their life or serious bodily harm. For menacing to be a felony, you typically must involve a deadly weapon.

A felony domestic violence charge against you must meet specific requirements. In some cases, your charge could become a misdemeanor if certain elements are not proved or are missing. However, felony domestic violence charges are serious and can earn you significant jail time and fines.

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