3 tips for telling your kids about your divorce

Ending your marriage has an impact on your entire family. And because of how your divorce will affect your children, you may have concerns about breaking the news to them, even though this is a common experience for many families.

In 2019 in the U.S., according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 746,971 divorces and annulments occurred. As you get ready to tell your children about your divorce, these strategies could make this upcoming conversation easier.

1. Pick a good date and time

When you tell your children about your divorce could have an effect on how they take this news. Pick a time where your whole family can be together and at a time that is not before a major event, such as one of your children’s birthdays.

2. Outline a script

It may be difficult to reign in your emotions and relay the information you want to provide to your children if you do not prepare beforehand. Sit down with your spouse and write down some main points for this conversation.

3. Explain the outcome

Your children will have many questions about what will happen next after you tell them about your plans to divorce. Instead of providing vague or inconclusive answers, prepare to provide your children with concrete information about what will happen next.

Remember that your children may struggle with the news of your divorce and exhibit emotions you may not have expected. Plan on providing even more support and attention to your children in the days after you have this conversation.

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