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Working out custody agreements and divorce settlements can be stressful, tedious, and often painful. As time goes by, some matters that were decided on in these agreements may no longer be relevant and, thus, need to be changed for the better. What has worked in the past for either party may no longer work for anyone for various reasons. If you are an active service member seeking answers about modifications, contact a Colorado Springs military modifications lawyer as soon as you can.

At The Law Center P.C., our family lawyers hold extensive experience in military and family law. We understand how crucial a modification may be for you and your family, and we’re prepared to help you seek what you need. You need compassionate, skillful representation while pursuing or fighting a modification, and we’re prepared to provide it. If you’re anticipating a modification, reach out to our legal team to learn about how we can assist you.

Colorado Springs Military Modifications Lawyer

Post-Divorce Modifications Can Benefit Everyone

As time goes by, circumstances change. The same applies to custody agreements and divorce settlements. Sometimes, they need to be modified to reflect the changes that have happened in life since their inception. Changes in income and location can have particularly significant impacts on custody and support orders. An experienced military divorce lawyer can be beneficial to showcase what options you may have for modifying existing agreements.

Common Types of Modifications

Active service members in the military are constantly responding to shifting roles and surprise relocations. It is crucial that these agreements be modified as needed to reflect the growth and/or loss that can be a part of that experience. Here are some of the more common modifications that are often heard in the Colorado Springs courts:

  • Parental Relocation: When the primary custodial parent wants to move out of state or even out of the city with their child permanently, it will require a modification of an existing custody agreement previously agreed upon by both parents. This is one of the more common modifications that emerge from a divorce. A child moving away can have a detrimental effect on the parent who stays behind.In an attempt to uncover the absolute truth, the court may appoint a child and family investigator, or a CFI, to ultimately make a decision on what is right for the child. They will look at both parents’ level of involvement in the past, the educational opportunities available to the child in the new location, and how the move will affect the child’s relationship with the parent who stays behind.
  • Modification of Parenting Time & Custody: Parenting time orders can always be changed to reflect changing circumstances. When both parents live in close proximity to one another, the court will tend to order equal parenting time that is shared by both parents.If one parent, usually the primary custodial parent, decides they deserve full custody after some time, the court can be reluctant to change the initial order unless several criteria are met:
    • Both parents agree to a change in custody.
    • The child in question has been integrated into the primary custodial parent’s new family with the other parent’s consent.
    • The primary custodial parent is seeking to relocate the child.
    • The child’s current environment is detrimental to the child’s mental or physical health, and a change in setting may help change that.

FAQs for Your Colorado Springs Modification Attorney

Q: Can You Modify a Divorce Decree in Colorado?

A: Yes, you can modify a divorce decree in Colorado Springs and throughout Colorado. Typically, modifications are made in child custody and child support. Attempts to make adjustments to the division of property are rarer and can only happen under specific conditions unique to each case. To modify a divorce decree, you’ll have to file a motion with specific evidence. A court will schedule a hearing to review your evidence and reach a decision.

Q: Can You Modify a Parenting Plan Without Going to Court in Colorado?

A: Yes, you can modify a parenting plan without going to court in Colorado. However, the only way you can successfully accomplish this feat is if both parents agree to all modifications to the parenting plan in question. This cooperation is crucial; otherwise, you will have to go through the court to have a modification to your parenting plan approved. If you fail to go through the court, any changes to the parenting plan are not enforceable.

Q: How Often Can a Military Child Support Agreement Be Modified in Colorado?

A: A military child support agreement can be modified as needed. It is recommended that a child support agreement be modified whenever there is at least a 10 percent change in support required. However, if the change in income is brief, as in brought on by a military deployment of three months, then the change in support is not considered permanent. If the deployment is considerably longer, as in 12 months or more, then the change in support is likely to be permanent.

Q: How Do You Modify a Parenting Plan in Colorado?

A: In order to modify an existing parenting plan in Colorado, you can fill out certain paperwork in a timely manner. You have the right to seek a change in your parenting plan if circumstances in your life and/or your child’s life have changed drastically enough to warrant modifications. You will need to show the court exactly how things have changed since the original plan and how a new plan will still represent your child’s interests at heart.

Speak With a Military Modifications Lawyer Today

Modifying past child custody agreements and divorce settlements can be a healthy process that allows for orders to reflect your current circumstances. If you’re seeking or fighting a military divorce modification, it’s crucial to have the support, guidance, and advice of a qualified family law attorney.

At The Law Center P.C., we can walk you through the process of modifying existing legal agreements, especially if you are an active service member. Contact us to schedule a consultation. Our lawyers can answer your questions and inform you of your options.

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