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Rachelle Chavez
Senior Paralegal



Rachelle Chavez is a paralegal with over 25 years of experience. She has had great experience and many successes working with some of the giants of family law attorneys. She does an amazing job preparing our clients for everything that’s ahead of them over every step of the process. Her intuitive case and client needs analysis is always in-depth and spot on; she catches potential problems and pitfalls in plenty of time for them to be avoided; and she’s a vital piece of our litigation team.

Those are important and hard to find skills that contribute much to TLC’s clients achieving all their goals. Rachelle, though, brings so much more to us than her incredible technical prowess.

It’s the depth of Rachelle’s experiences that enriches TLC and our clients. Rachelle started as a receptionist at a large family law firm. She put clients at ease. She quickly became the office manager. She was more than a little intrigued by what she was seeing every day and started doing “small things” above and beyond her duties. That led to her becoming a legal assistant and immersed in every aspect of family law. Earning her promotion to paralegal was the next, logical step.

Somewhere in all that learning and experience, Rachelle took a sabbatical of sorts and was a sales executive in the fast paced, high stress media world.

Add sales experience to years of working her way up through almost every aspect of family law, and you get a unique skill set that combines people skills, enthusiasm, the ability to handle pressure, communication skills, and empathy.

In other words, you get Rachelle.

TLC is thrilled to have her.

When she’s not helping our clients, Rachelle loves to travel and enjoy all the entertainment Denver and other large cities have to offer.

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