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Remaining flexible during child custody challenges

Many Colorado parents enter into custody negotiations with the idea that once the paperwork is signed, the division of parenting time will be set in stone and that there will be no need for further discussion on the matter. In reality, however, most families use their child custody agreement as a guideline and make adjustments accordingly. For parents who do not have a collaborative relationship with each other, handling child custody changes can be difficult. When parents can be flexible and reasonable, kids benefit. This makes it important for parents to try and find a way to work out scheduling issues in a way that is free of conflict.

One state considers controversial child custody reform

Family courts often struggle to stay abreast of social science research and current parenting trends. An example is found in the shifting approach toward shared child custody. One state is considering legislation that would ask the courts to begin all custody cases with the presumption that 50/50 shared custody is in the best interests of a child. The issue has raised a great deal of debate in Colorado and across the nation, with experts and parents chiming in on both sides of the matter.

Under media spotlight, judge withdraws from child custody case

Some Colorado readers will recall coverage of an unusual and disturbing child custody case that left three children sitting in juvenile detention. The case received a great deal of media attention and led to outrage across the nation. In a recent and unexpected move, the judge in the case has withdrawn from any further participation after being accused of mishandling the child custody matter.

How to work out a mutually agreeable child custody plan

Dividing assets can be a stressful part of a divorce, but arguments over the wedding china and retirement accounts pale in comparison to those that can arise over the division of parenting time. Colorado parents who go through divorce and child custody are not only burdened with having to make incredibly impactful financial decisions; they also have to negotiate how much time they will have with shared children. This can place a terrible burden on spouses who are already under a great deal of stress.  

Case looks at decision making responsibility for embryos

An unusual case has reached its conclusion in a west coast family court. A divorced couple have been fighting over the fate of their frozen embryos. The woman asked the court to allow her to use the embryos to give birth to a child, while her former husband asked that the embryos be destroyed. The court looked at which party should have decision making responsibility in the matter, and ruled that the party who does not want to enter into a parental role should not be coerced to do so. The case may be of interest to Colorado residents facing similar issues.  

Navigating the holidays after a child custody battle

As the air begins to chill and the leaves turn colors, fall is in full swing. In Colorado and elsewhere, people are preparing for the upcoming holiday season. For some, this a time of excitement and anticipation. For parents who have fought a child custody battle in recent years, however, the holidays may not be quite so enjoyable. The following advice was recently published to give parents insight into how to make the next few weeks something to remember -- for all the right reasons.

Arrest made in unusual child custody case

A woman has been arrested as her two teenage daughters remain missing. The case, however, is not one in which the mother is accused of harming her children. On the contrary, many believe that she has acted to intentionally hide the teens from their father, whom she believes is capable of harming them. The unusual child custody and criminal case has captured the attention of parents in Colorado and across the nation.

Child custody case may center on tribal membership

Parents or guardians in Colorado and elsewhere who are fearful that their children are at risk of harm will often make rash decisions on how to protect them. A prime example is found in the case of a grandmother who has taken her two grandsons to a Native American reservation in an effort to avoid a child custody ruling that would return the children to their father. The final outcome of the case could take years to resolve and may end up being heard by a federal court.

Don't let unpaid child support lead to an arrest

When a non-custodial parent fails to make his or her court-ordered child support payments, serious repercussions often follow. Parents who are encountering financial trouble can find themselves subject to fines, fees and even the loss of professional licenses. If child support payments fall into serious arrears, parents can be arrested and brought before a Colorado court of law. The end result can be jail time, which will only serve to further complicate one's financial scenario.

Facebook to be allowed in child custody case

A recent ruling concerning the use of social media within a custody dispute has set legal precedent in one state. Parents in Colorado and elsewhere are aware that social media can come into play within a divorce or child custody case, but states vary on whether information gleaned from those accounts can be used as evidence in court. In this case, one parent is asking the court to review the other's Facebook profile in order to determine how much time was spent away from the shared child.

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