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Judge orders more child support so girl can make it on Broadway

Parents in Colorado who divorce are no doubt familiar with various challenges that may arise when developing plans for future care and upbringing of their children. It is often  possible to achieve amicable solutions to child support, visitation and custody issues. Regardless of the details in a particular situation, the court has the final say when it comes to determining who will pay support (if anyone), where a child will live and what the overall future parenting plan will be with regard to visitation, financial contribution and other related matters.

Child custody situation leads to shots fired at Walmart

Many situations in Colorado involving physical or legal custody of children grow contentious and stressful when those involved disagree. Some child custody situations may even become dangerous. An incident in another state has apparently done so, and one of the people involved is now in jail.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie disagree on child custody issues

Many in Colorado and across the world have been paying close attention to an ongoing situation regarding the divorce and family issues of Hollywood stars Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. The former couple has six children and have reportedly been unable to resolve child custody issues regarding their future care and upbringing. Jolie has made several serious accusations against Pitt, which may be compounding the issues at hand.

Dishonorably discharged Marine in ongoing child support battle

A man outside Colorado, who once served this nation as a Marine, now faces a contentious situation involving his former wife and their two children. Those children are adults now, but the ongoing battle pertains to child support the man supposedly never paid. The woman sought the court's intervention when her grown son located his father, who had been missing for more than 30 years.

Same-sex couple facing difficult child custody battle

Many people in Colorado welcomed the Supreme Court's decision legitimizing same-sex marriage. The change will make a world of difference to non-traditional families across the nation. It is important to understand, however, that same-sex couples still face considerable challenges when it comes to matters of child custody.

Talking to a child about divorce

It's no secret that divorce can be hard on children, but how you communicate news of a split largely sets the tone for and impacts how your child will feel about the whole process. By keeping the focus on clear and simple communication and tailoring the conversation to your child's age and emotional state, you can explain how things will change and express future plans without upsetting your son or daughter any more than is necessary. For example, it's important to carefully consider what you tell your child. Keep in mind that blaming a spouse or sharing inappropriate details can confuse and upset a child and even damage your relationship with him or her.

Case challenges mother's decision making responsibility

A highly controversial and emotionally wrenching custody case has reached one state's Supreme Court, and it has led to debate across the nation, including in Colorado. The matter centers on a father's concerns about his former wife's decision making responsibility after she married a man who is a convicted sex offender. She brought him into the home she shares with her two teenage daughters. When the case went before the high Court, the father was unable to secure custody of the girls.

Are you a newly divorced parent who is dreading back-to-school time?

It's hard to believe that it's already August and, in just a couple of short weeks, schools throughout the area will be back in session. As kids and parents enjoy these fleeting last days of summer, some are likely feeling anxious about returning to school. This probably especially true for those who recently went through a divorce.

Father may have destroyed his child custody opportunity

Colorado parents may have read about an unusual custody case that led to a father's arrest on felony charges. The case serves as a reminder of the importance of taking the proper course of action when trying to secure child custody rights. Had this father chosen a different path, he may have been able to secure shared custody of his daughter. Instead, he now faces felony charges for child abduction.

Third party "de facto" parent in child custody case

An unusual and highly controversial case has reached one state's highest court, and the result is being received with mixed opinions in Colorado and across the nation. The case centers on a child born to a same-sex couple, where only one of the women had a biological link to the child. After making its way through the courts, the most recent ruling in the child custody case has given the other woman status as the child's "de facto" parent. That means that the woman, who now identifies as a transgender man, will be able to seek custody and visitation rights to the little boy.

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