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Minding the details during the division of marital assets

Property division is one of the most impactful aspects of any divorce. In fact, for couples without minor children, the division of marital assets often takes more time to negotiate than any other issue. In order for Colorado spouses to reach a fair and equitable division of wealth, it is essential to understand the full range of marital assets.

Never rush through the division of marital assets

One of the biggest mistakes that divorcing spouses can make is trying to rush the process. In divorce, as in most areas of life, it is important to take the time to gather information and make informed decisions. While the urge to rush and just move on is understandable, the end result of that approach can be detrimental to one's financial health. Colorado spouses must be willing to put in the time and effort needed to address the division of marital assets, as well as other matters within their divorce.

State Supreme Court says couple can't undo their divorce

Many Colorado couples who go through a divorce are able to maintain a friendship after the ink has dried and the dust has settled. In some cases, divorced spouses rekindle their romantic relationship. A few will even remarry and give love a second chance. A far less common approach is asking the court that granted the divorce to essentially "undo" the process and reinstate the original marriage. One couple tried that approach, and recently lost at the level of their state's Supreme Court.

Tips for happy spouses faced with divorce

Many Colorado spouses can see a divorce coming from years away and are fully prepared to move past an untenable marriage when the time finally arrives. For others, however, the end of their marriage is a surprise. In such cases, one spouse may feel perfectly content within their union, while the other is deeply unhappy. In these instances, the spouse who is blindsided is at a distinct disadvantage when it comes to the legal aspects of divorce.

Inflexibility does not aid in the division of marital assets

People sometimes react to the end of their marriage in strange ways, making decisions that are not in their own best interests, or rushing through aspects of the divorce process that deserve a more careful approach. When faced with the end of a marriage, Colorado spouses should understand that the choices that are made can have lasting ramifications. Nowhere is this more true than in regard to the division of marital assets.

Terrence Howard's divorce settlement overturned in court

Many Colorado residents are familiar with the acting career of Terrence Howard. After being nominated for an Academy Award in 2005 for the movie "Hustle and Flow," Howard went on to achieve wide acclaim for his role on the hit television show "Empire." He has made recent headlines, however, for his highly contentious divorce case and his recent victory in court.

Retirement savings factor into the division of marital assets

It is often the case that spouses in Colorado and elsewhere hold a number of misconceptions concerning the property division process. One of the most common involves the access that both spouses have to retirement savings. This a topic that deserves close attention, since an unbalanced division of marital assets can have a number of negative consequences and can even prohibit an individual from retiring at the desired age.

'Divorce' for unmarried cohabitating couples

There are many reasons why individual couples opt to cohabitate but not to marry. One of the reasons why some couples choose to avoid making their unions legally “official” is that they believe that in the event of a breakup, they will be spared the pain and expense associated with the divorce process. Certainly, if a couple has only been cohabitating for a few weeks or months, this may be true.

Avoiding common financial mistakes during divorce

If you are currently navigating a divorce, you are likely concerned about how your divorce will affect you financially. This a completely understandable concern. No matter what your income level is or what your level of financial security is, moving from a household in which you are sharing expenses to one in which your expenses are separate necessarily impacts your finances.

Martial property and equitable division in Colorado

If you are getting a divorce in Colorado, there are many things that you should know about the process, starting with how your property may be divided. Since Colorado is not a state with community property laws, you do not get to assume that the split is going to be perfectly equal, allowing both parties to take 50 percent.

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