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Higher divorce rate for those in certain careers

A healthy marriage can be difficult to maintain under the best of circumstances. Add in the stresses of certain careers and other factors, and it may not be surprising that some relationships are more likely to end in a divorce. As many Colorado families have learned, it is better to leave an unhealthy relationship than to remain in a broken marriage.

Property division and divorce in Colorado

Every state has its own approach when writing its laws concerning the dissolution of marriage and the division of assets between the spouses. When it comes to divorce and the ensuing property division, a state is either a community property or equitable distribution state, with most falling into the equitable distribution category. Colorado is an equitable distribution state.

Considering the pet in Colorado divorce proceedings

In the past, deciding who gets custody of the children and who will get the house were two of the biggest decisions when a couple realized their marriage was no longer working. While those issues continue to be important, there is a relatively new issue that is gaining traction in divorce proceedings. It concerns the family pet.

Suggestions for preparing financially for life after a divorce

For many couples, the happily ever after is not realistic. When a marriage is not sustainable, it is important to make sure that one is able to survive and even thrive after a divorce. Colorado residents who are considering this step may be interested in reading a few suggestions concerning financial tips to prepare for a newly single life.

How a prenuptial agreement may affect divorce in Colorado

Most people in Colorado, as well as other states, enter marriage hoping to remain united to their spouses for the rest of their lives. The reality is, however, that this not always possible. For reasons that may vary according to individual circumstances, spouses often choose to divorce at some point.

Trying to bounce back financially after divorce

Anyone in Colorado who has gone through a marital split likely understands the financial strain such circumstances can cause. For someone who had been at home raising children full time before a divorce, suddenly being thrust into the workforce and responsible for primary income can be a little overwhelming, to say the least. Setting small, attainable goals may prove quite beneficial toward regaining financial stability.

Divorce can lead to changes in tax obligations

When preparing to end a marriage, many Colorado residents feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of decisions that must be made. Divorce is a tumultuous time, both emotionally and practically. Understanding how one's tax obligations might be affected by divorce can seem like a low priority when compared to reaching property division or child custody decisions. In reality, however, changes in taxation can have long-lasting effects and deserve consideration during this busy time.

Don't forget college savings while negotiating a divorce

For many Colorado parents, setting aside money to fund their child's education is a top priority. A great resource for college savings are 529 plans, which are incredibly flexible accounts. They allow parents to build savings that their children can use for higher education. When a family goes through divorce, however, it is important to remember that these accounts are assets, and need to be treated accordingly. Without proper planning, it is possible that these savings may not be used for their intended purpose.

An unusual approach to the division of marital assets

When a Colorado marriage is on the rocks, many couples wish that dividing marital property was a simple procedure. Dread over the division of marital assets lead some couples to stay married long after it has become clear that the union is headed for divorce. One European entrepreneur has come up with a unique solution to at least one aspect of property division. He has designed a home that can be easily divided in half if a couple decides to pursue divorce.

How to divide retirement assets during a Colorado divorce

For Colorado couples who are preparing the end their marriage, understanding how to properly divide retirement assets can be difficult. Each type of retirement account can have its own set of rules and guidelines for division, and failing to meet those stipulations can mean lost wealth for all parties. This an area of property division that deserves the attention of a skilled divorce attorney, as the outcome will have a lasting impact on the financial standing of both spouses.

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