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Paying for your divorce: Some options to consider

The high cost of divorce isn't just emotional -- it's also financial. The average cost of divorce these days is estimated to be about $15,000 -- although that can vary considerably depending on where you live, what you and your spouse are willing to negotiate in private and what you have to argue over.

Leaving an abusive marriage takes courage

Marriage is challenging enough for any two-people coming from different pasts and merging their lives under one roof. However, when the union of marriage puts one person under the violent control of another, it is simply a recipe for disaster. No person, neither man nor woman deserves to be treated inhumanely physically, verbally, sexually or emotionally. Damage to the psyche is incredibly harmful to an individual, especially under the constraints of a marriage vow.

Tips for helping children adapt to two homes

If you are going through a divorce or separation, your mind may be pulled in a million directions. Just as it may be a struggle for you to rebuild your life as a party of one and perhaps find a new place to live, among other major transitions, it may also be a struggle for your children.

Signs your spouse might be concealing assets

No one takes that walk down the aisle with the idea that the marriage may someday self-destruct, but regrettably, it does happen. Feelings fade, distrust arises and any number of other circumstances can lead your marriage to start circling the drain. If your situation is particularly acrimonious, you may also start to get the feeling that your ex, or soon-to-be-ex, may be hiding assets ahead of an impending separation or divorce. There are a number of methods spouses commonly use to conceal assets from one another, and these methods may include:

DUI and child custody in Colorado

When it comes to divorce proceedings, many factors come together to influence the final outcome. Some of these factors are beneficial, some are not. A conviction of driving while under the influence can have serious consequences for a person on its own, but it can have an even greater impact on a divorce proceedings and determining child custody.

How social media could damage your divorce case

With the Internet, a wealth of information is available at the push of a button. This includes information about people via their social media pages. When it comes to divorce, separating couples should be very wary of social media. It can be used as evidence in court, potentially having a large impact on a divorce case.

Talking to a child about divorce

It's no secret that divorce can be hard on children, but how you communicate news of a split largely sets the tone for and impacts how your child will feel about the whole process. By keeping the focus on clear and simple communication and tailoring the conversation to your child's age and emotional state, you can explain how things will change and express future plans without upsetting your son or daughter any more than is necessary. For example, it's important to carefully consider what you tell your child. Keep in mind that blaming a spouse or sharing inappropriate details can confuse and upset a child and even damage your relationship with him or her.

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