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Skilled legal assistance is a must in a military divorce

Being married while at least one spouse is engaged in active duty often requires a level of commitment and sacrifice that is difficult to maintain. Deployments and reassignments may eventually take a toll that the spouses cannot endure. Colorado residents who are considering filing for a military divorce do have access to legal advice that can help ease the process.

Military divorce can have significant impact on pay; retirement

The prospect of going through a divorce is seldom a welcome one. If the dissolution is between a service member and a civilian spouse, it is important to know how a military divorce can impact one's pay and future retirement pension. Colorado residents who are preparing for this type of divorce may be unaware that many of the decisions regarding property division will be determined by state laws.

Ex-wife accuses former husband of revenge over divorce

Recently, an ex-wife of a service member filed a lawsuit alleging that her former spouse, who is an active-duty major in the Special Forces, attempted to humiliate her by posting private images on social media websites. She alleges that he and his current partner have done so in revenge for his having to pay, as ordered in the divorce proceedings, child support for the former couple's two children. Her suit appears to be one of the first in a state that recently passed a law banning so-called revenge pornography. Colorado also has a revenge porn statute.

Soldier intends to file for child custody of non-biological baby

In many circumstances, when a man learns he is not the biological father of a spouse's child, he might be expected to file for a divorce and walk away. However, there are cases when a man may choose to seek child custody in spite of not being a blood relative. There are many unique situations that Colorado residents may face in the process of seeking to ensure a child has the best home possible.

Military life and deployment take toll which can lead to divorce

The decision to marry while one or both spouses are in the military can be a difficult undertaking. When one spouse is left behind during deployments to raise the family, it can create feelings of resentment and loneliness. In many cases, that can lead to a divorce for many Colorado families.

Military divorce requires knowledge of state and military laws

Married life presents may challenges, especially when one or both partners are active duty service members. When a marriage becomes unsustainable, the process of seeking a military divorce also comes with a few extra considerations. Colorado service members who are contemplating this step may benefit from the input of an attorney who routinely handles this type of marriage dissolution.

Military divorce differs in some key areas

When a marriage is no longer tenable for the parties involved, a dissolution may be the best option for troubled couples. However, when at least one spouse is a service member, a military divorce differs in some key points. Colorado couples who are contemplating one may benefit from becoming familiar with some of those differences.

Supreme Court ruling changes aspect of asset division in divorce

In 1982, the Uniformed Services Former Spouse Protection Act (USFSPA) determined how military retirement pay may be divided. However, with the United States Supreme Court ruling earlier this year, there are some military spouse organizations decrying the decision, as it purportedly can reduce a former spouse's income. The ruling now protects a veteran's disability income from division during or after a divorce. There are likely many Colorado families who may be directly impacted by this decision.

Useful steps to begin the divorce process when spouse is deployed

Being married to a spouse who serves his or her country can be an honor and a burden. In some cases, a service member who is deployed may inform the stateside spouse that the marriage is no longer sustainable. In these difficult circumstances, there are steps that a spouse can take that may make the divorce process a little less challenging. Military spouses living in Colorado may consider these steps in order to make this life transition easier.

There are key financial considerations in a military divorce

Choosing to serve one's country through military service is not a decision to be taken lightly. The same decision process applies when a marriage is entered into or when that same relationship is no longer viable. Though a military divorce in Colorado is not radically different from a civilian dissolution, there are some key differences.

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