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Calls for implementation of tracking to stop domestic violence

The current government shutdown has impacted many projects that have not been in the headlines. Some of these programs include outreach efforts for victims of domestic violence. In spite of the current woes of the federal government, there are many Colorado residents who may be in need of assistance with protecting themselves and their loved ones from this serious problem.

Innovative court seeks to stop domestic violence relapses

The one place that is supposed to provide solace and comfort is the family home. Sadly, for too many victims, this place of refuge becomes a nightmare when they are subjected to domestic violence. Regardless of the level of violence, Colorado residents who are enduring this type of behavior deserve to find relief and safety.

NFL and players urged to take steps to condemn domestic violence

Recently, yet another National Football League player was arrested on allegations of abuse. This is not the first time Reuben Foster has had allegations of domestic violence associated with him. Though all states, including Colorado, have laws that are intended to protect victims and hold offenders accountable, there are some who are urging the NFL and the players to take a stronger stand. 

Pilot program seeks to stop cycle of domestic violence

Of all the social issues that can have the most detrimental effect on families, one of the worst is abuse that impacts children. Studies have shown that, even when domestic violence is not directed specifically at children, they still suffer psychological trauma. Though there are many shelters that are geared toward helping Colorado victims, these programs do not include the abuser.

Domestic violence shelters want to do more for disabled victims

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services' Office on Women's Health claims that the disabled population is more likely to suffer abuse, especially by caregivers. Sadly, though, there are many domestic violence shelters located here in Colorado and most other states in the country, but many of them are not equipped to assist those who may suffer from a disability. Fortunately, many organizations are working to ensure that this vulnerable segment of the population can also benefit from the services these shelters provide.

Police captain facing charges for domestic violence

Those who are in law enforcement are entrusted to protect the safety of the residents in their jurisdiction. Of all the people under their protection, it may seem reasonable to expect that their personal families would be the highest priority. Unfortunately, the scourge of domestic violence can touch any family, even those who are charged to uphold the laws. Any Colorado resident could be at risk when a relationship becomes volatile.

Officials offer another tool for protection in domestic violence

Sadly, in spite of many public service campaigns, the statistics for abuse in the home continues to rise. Officials in many states are struggling to find resources to offer adequate assistance to domestic violence victims. Colorado residents who have been a victim of abuse may seek legal protections from their abusers.

Program praised for help it provides to domestic violence victims

Those who are in an abusive relationship often feel that they have no place to turn for meaningful help. There are many types of abuse, and victims of domestic violence may sometimes feel that the circumstances in their lives do not rise to a serious level that merits assistance. There are likely many Colorado residents who could benefit from assistance provided by a compassionate family law attorney.

Boston pitcher, Wright, arrested on misdemeanor domestic violence

No one is immune to family abuse, including those who are admired in the world of professional sports. There have been many incidents that have involved allegations of domestic violence, though not every accusation ends in charges. Colorado residents who face this serious social issue do have recourse to keep themselves and their loved ones safe.

October is domestic violence awareness month to support victims

The majority of families in Colorado live in warm, nurturing environments where the members provide support for one another. Unfortunately, there are also families who experience the trauma of domestic violence in many different forms. In an effort to draw attention to this serious social issue, October has been designated as an awareness month.

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