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Military and National Security Expertise 

Military personnel commit their livelihood in service of our country. This service comes with stringent standards of performance and conduct as governed by the Uniform Code of Military Justice (“UCMJ”). Practice in the military systems, be it command investigations, administrative separations (e.g. ADSEP Boards or Boards of Inquiry), Article 15 proceedings (e.g. NJP, Captain’s Mast, etc.), characterization of service upgrades, or even courts-martial, requires specialized knowledge and expertise in order to protect your livelihood, retirement, or even your liberty. The Law Center P.C., led by Jason Wareham has unparalleled experience and knowledge in dealing with all forms of military justice cases (to include appeals and boards of correction petitions). 

In addition to military justice, both military and federal service personnel may find themselves embroiled in investigations and prosecutions involving issues of National Security.  Issues regarding mishandling of classified information or other Espionage Act or National Security Act cases can quickly accelerate into federal prosecutions and national or international news. These cases not only require aggressive defense strategies but also a lawyer who knows the practice of classified litigation and possesses a security clearance himself. As evident by recent news coverage involving unlawful possession of classified material or improper disclosures of the same, time is of the essence in these cases and a lawyer must be able to hit the ground running understanding the interplay of the judicial and executive authorities brought to bear in these matters.  

The Law Center P.C. possesses the required acumen and clearances to act on both military justice and national security cases worldwide. Defend what you’ve earned. 

Turn To A Recognized Military and National Security Defense Lawyer 

Throughout and beyond his long-lasting, successful career as a U.S. Marine Corps Judge Advocate, attorney Jason Wareham earned a reputation as one of the longest continuously serving active duty Marine Corps defense attorneys in the country. During more than a decade in that position, he also earned a Masters of Law (LL.M.) degree from Georgetown University Law Center focusing on criminal and national security litigation involving cyber and privacy law. Additionally, he has taken on some of the most challenging and highly classified defense litigations before the Military Commissions in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba (defending detainees in the 9/11, U.S.S. Cole, and Malaysian Bombing cases). This, coupled with more than 14 years of litigating at every level of the military justice system, has left Jason Wareham with an unparalleled level of expertise to handle anything from Article 15 nonjudicial punishments all the way to the highest stakes courts-martials and federal national security cases. 

Now, practicing law privately, Mr. Wareham is highly qualified to advise and represent service men and women from any branch of the military and other federal workers anywhere in the world. Turn to him proactively or for guidance through any high-stakes military or complex national security challenge. 

Play Chess, Not Checkers 

A favorite saying of Jason Wareham, the military and national security cases can be some of the most complex and challenging litigations in the nation. These cases often require political, military command, and judicial savvy to successfully navigate the case to a successful conclusion.  You need a lawyer who can use the interplay of the issues to your benefit. If you have found this page, you may be interested in the following issues: 

  • NCIS, CID, OSI, or FBI Investigations 
  • Preliminary Inquiry / Command Investigations 
  • Administrative Separation Hearings 
  • Boards of Inquiry (Officer Separation or Mishap Investigations) 
  • Article 15 Defense or Advice (a/k/a nonjudicial punishment, NJP, or Captain’s Mast) 
  • Military Sexual Assault Defense 
  • Unlawful Command Influence 
  • Service Academy Defense (Naval Academy, Air Force Academy, Coast Guard Academy, and WestPoint) 
  • War Crimes Defense 
  • National Security Act Violations 
  • Espionage Act Violations 
  • Courts-Martial Defense or Appeals 
  • Terrorism Defense 
  • Federal Administrative Separations Appeals  
  • Military Boards of Correction Petitions 
  • Federal Administrative Procedure Act Cases 

As you approach serious junctures in your pursuit of preserving your career and your liberty, you owe it to yourself to have legal advice that can help ensure a the absolute best outcome. An authority in the area of Military and National Security Law can help you stay on track at any stage of your military or national security career. 

Reach Out For The Insights You Need To Defend What You’ve Earned 

Our office is located in Highlands Ranch, near many military bases and several service academies. Additionally, the central location of Colorado allows our attorneys to quickly and easily access much of the rest of the Nation when you need boots on the ground defense. If you are in this area, our proximity and experience can help you through what is ahead. We also welcome inquiries from others nationwide and worldwide. Reach out to us today by calling 303-351-2914 or sending us an email. 

**Consult fees waived for all military and veterans. 

Attorney Jason R. Wareham

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