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Divorce And Domestic Violence

The attorneys at The Law Center P.C. are some of the most highly regarded practitioners handling cases involving domestic abuse cases. We seek just resolutions in each case and recognize that not every case involves an abusive male against a female. Males can and do become victims of domestic abuse. There has also been an alarming increase in domestic violence cases involving same-sex couples.

Domestic violence devastates the lives of victims as well as their children. At The Law Center P.C., we can help victims seek safety from their abusers as well as find opportunities to establish a life free from abuse. We can seek civil protection orders and divorce filings simultaneously, allowing our clients to move on to a place of safety.

If you find yourself in this situation, we have the experience to assist you with the care, attention and experience required.

The Effect Of False Accusations

Domestic violence often ends in divorce, which, in many cases, is the best outcome. However, domestic violence is serious, and no one should levy accusations against an innocent person. Unfortunately, many of the steps taken to address domestic violence also make the system subject to abuse by false accusations.

We’ve seen cases where one party alleged domestic violence as a way to seek retribution against their spouse or to help them gain sole custody of their children. This is unacceptable.

If you find yourself falsely accused of domestic violence, you could face criminal charges or family consequences, such as losing your children. Having lawyers in different firms handling your family and criminal cases separately could result in conflicting advice or unacceptable consequences and certainly will result in higher overall fees. Our lawyers have the experience to help you with both the criminal charges and the divorce implications of a domestic violence accusation.

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