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Military personnel and anyone else who carries a security clearance understands the precariousness of this vital credential. Due to the nature of such positions, any accusation of criminal activity is potentially ruinous. People in these situations need the assistance of a skilled, experienced defense attorney to protect their future.

Attorney Jason R. Wareham of The Law Center P.C. was one of the longest continuously serving trial and appellate litigators in the U.S. Marine Corps judge advocates. His experience sets him apart and allows us to provide our military clients with aggressive, comprehensive defense. His understanding of the issues ahead of you is respected in many circles, and he can make a difference for you if your security clearance is in peril.

Protecting Servicemembers And Other Federal Employees From Clearance Loss or Suspension

Defending your security clearance is fundamental for your military or federal service job career. Criminal charges, allegations of classified material handling, ethical violations, or risky life patterns (e.g. financial stability, alcoholism, etc.) are too hazardous to ignore. The Law Center is a solid starting point as you seek to get or keep the security clearance that your chosen military or federal civil job requires. These are not proceedings that you should navigate alone, no matter how long you have worked in the national security field. An experienced clearance lawyer will be a force multiplier to your experience and ensure that you and your career are considered from the “whole person” concept; dramatically increasing your chances at successfully retaining or gaining a security clearance.

Fighting For Your National Security Clearance

In addition to military personnel, federal civilians may find their careers within the national security field. We are also well-equipped to build a trustworthy legal strategy in your defense just as we do for high-level military personnel.

National security clearances are vital to career success in the government. Anyone facing a violation of the National Security Act or another clearance disqualifier can lose their livelihood at the very minimum.

Do not hesitate to reach out and schedule a consultation with attorney Wareham regarding any of the following:

  • Security clearance defense and adjudication in any branch of the military or in any legal forum.
  • Combination clearance and criminal defense when your security clearance is at risk because of criminal charges or for any reason.
  • Appellate-level representation after a criminal conviction or loss of security clearance.
  • Tentative offers for a first-time military or federal employment position and your initial security clearance process is about to begin. You wonder how to reply to queries about questionable incidents in your life’s history.
  • You are vying for a promotion within a branch of the military or a federal agency; you understand that an additional security clearance screening will soon be necessary, and you would like to discuss what to do about problematic public records that may come up during a fresh background check.
  • Your sensitive military or civil service position makes you subject to an ongoing screening process known as continuous evaluation (CE). You wonder how to protect your eligibility for a security clearance through the review process that is essential to your career, especially after a problematic incident such as a DUI.

Your national security clearance is more important to your livelihood and position in the military or civil service than any other credential or document that you possess. Your investment in legal counsel now may protect your career for years to come as well as preserve your freedom today.

Turn To Us For An Insightful Defense

Our extensive work in security clearance defense sets our firm apart. Our familiarity with these issues is well known, and we provide advocacy to both military and nonmilitary clients who need our services, without reservation.

From our office in Highlands Ranch, near many military bases and several service academies, we serve clients near and far in the area of security clearance defense. Reach out to us today by calling 303-351-2914 or sending us an email.


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