Robust Criminal Defense In the Denver Metro and Surrounding Areas of Colorado

Based in Highlands Ranch, The Law Center P.C. is a law firm with the skill and knowledge to investigate, devise and implement strategic criminal defense strategies on behalf of individuals throughout Colorado.

FACT: Innocent people are charged with crimes every day in our society. Defense counsel plays an important and significant role in protecting the rights of the accused, and wrongly accused. In the words of Robert Wareham, managing attorney of our litigation practice, “There is a huge gap between the probable cause necessary for a law enforcement officer to make an arrest and the proof beyond a reasonable doubt necessary for conviction.” The attorneys at The Law Center P.C. know how to broaden that gap.

A significant percentage of our clients are business professionals accused of domestic assault or drunk driving. We also represent many government employees and individuals who hold security clearances. We understand how vital it is to protect our clients’ reputations and careers, and we strive to resolve every case with minimal collateral damage. Sometimes, early acceptance of accountability and engagement in remedial conduct or therapy is the ticket to a favorable plea bargain. Our attorneys are skilled negotiators who know what prosecutors are looking for to favorably dispose of a case without trial.

For most of our clients, this is their first encounter with the criminal defense system. They are good people who were in a bad place and made a bad decision. We shepherd them through the criminal defense process while pursuing the best outcome.

Every person who is accused of a crime has an absolute right to force the state to prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt. If you are facing criminal charges in Pueblo, Fremont, Park, Boulder, Larimer, Adams, Morgan, El Paso, Eagle, Douglas, Arapahoe, Elbert, Denver or Jefferson counties, call our attorneys at 303-991-5280.

Defending Clients Against A Wide Range Of Charges

Our criminal defense attorneys are here to safeguard clients’ rights and interests in cases involving the following:

  • Assault and sexual assault
  • Domestic violence
  • Theft offenses
  • Drug crimes
  • White collar crimes
  • Juvenile offenses and crimes involving college students
  • Computer and internet crimes
  • Probation and parole violations
  • Firearms and Second Amendment rights
  • Shootings
  • Sex Offenses
  • Serious Felonies / Murder
  • Government security clearances

Our clients rely on our ability to handle their criminal matter concurrently with other court and administrative matters. We are a comprehensive resource for our clients facing domestic assault and professional responsibility matters.

Driving Under The Influence Of Alcohol Or Drugs

DUI (driving under the influence) is a serious matter and must be treated accordingly. Since DUI is the only criminal offense that uses subjective evidence for convictions (e.g., roadside maneuvers and police officer testimony), it is essential to retain a skilled attorney who understands how to fight such charges.

If you are found guilty of a DUI, a DWAI (driving while ability impaired) or a DUID (driving under the influence of drugs), you face the possibility of severe penalties. Learn more by visiting our page on DUI, DWAI and DUID.

We Have A Wealth Of Experience In The Court Systems

At The Law Center P.C., we know the state, federal, criminal and juvenile court systems inside and out, thanks to our wealth of experience in this area of the law.

We know the importance of investigating every client’s arrest for any sign of police misconduct or negligence. We know what to say to prosecutors during plea bargain discussions. We know what works when bringing facts that support our client’s story before a judge and jury, and we can effectively advise clients when a plea agreement is in their best interests.

Will I Get a Better Plea Deal With An Attorney?

A common question among those considering an attorney is whether or not they will receive a better plea deal if they have an attorney. Often the first plea deal offered would be offered regardless of whether or not you have an attorney. However, it may not be the most beneficial deal for you.

An experienced attorney would know whether the plea deal was a good choice for you, or if you might be able to get a better deal once more factors have come to light. Your experienced attorney would know if any testing done on blood alcohol content would be admissible, the laws on field sobriety tests. Your attorney can help you present yourself in a better light and actively seek rehabilitation programs that will help the prosecutor see you more favorably.

At The Law Center, PC we feel that you should have your best chance when you’re facing a prosecutor and a plea deal. Call our experienced attorneys today at 303-991-5200 and schedule your free consultation with one of our experienced attorneys. Let us help you get the best plea deal.

What Makes A Great Criminal Defense Lawyer?

The difference between a run-of-the-mill criminal lawyer and a good criminal defense attorney is the ability to provide the clients with options. We look at a case and provide our client with a clear understanding of where we believe the case will go.

In some cases, it may make sense to take remedial steps while the case is pending to position you for a favorable plea agreement. If our client is dealing with a substance abuse issue, we get them connected with treatment. Demonstrating acceptance and accountability can be a very effective tool.

Our attorneys are respected by prosecutors and judges in Douglas, Arapahoe, Elbert, Denver and Jefferson counties for our ability to advocate for our clients. This respect means that we are offered good plea bargains that are approved by judicial officers.

Call Our Office To Schedule A Confidential Consultation With Our Lawyers

From serious felonies to minor misdemeanors, you can depend on our full-service criminal defense advocates to aggressively protect your rights and keep you frequently updated on the progress of your case. Arrange an initial consultation by calling 303-991-5280 or contact us by email.