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High Asset Divorce Archives

A high asset divorce may expose some financial landmines

The end of a marriage entails both emotional and financial difficulties. While emotions take time to resolve, it is helpful to prepare for the financial fallout that often accompanies a high asset divorce. Colorado residents may choose to seek financial advice to work through any financial landmines successfully.

What happens to valuable paintings in a divorce?

In a divorce, most of the couple's possessions become divided equitably. In the eyes of a court, a painting is not different from the silverware, but people tend to have an emotional connection to artwork. This makes splitting the paintings a couple owns in a divorce complicated.

3 tips for surviving a highly-emotional divorce

Ending your marriage can be highly emotional. While getting a divorce may be a legal and financial process, there is much more to it than dividing assets, determining custody and going to court. You may deal with a powerful rollercoaster of emotions before, during and after the divorce.

After 4 years, former American Idol judge has a divorce judgment

There are many reasons why a marriage may not survive. For those in the entertainment industry, life under public scrutiny may play a role in the countless relationships that end in divorce. Colorado residents who are fans of talent shows may be aware that a former judge on American Idol has been waiting for years for his divorce to be settled.

Judge orders sale of priceless art collection to settle divorce

The process of determining the division of assets can be a difficult one for many Colorado couples. If they have accumulated considerable assets and property, then it may be even more difficult to arrive at an agreeable settlement. In many cases, it may require the efforts of a family court judge in order to finalize an acrimonious divorce agreement.

Tax law changes and divorce: more pain in the coming year?

There has been much discussion about how 2019 will bring new changes in the tax laws and how they will impact the average taxpayer. One of the most discussed is how the tax code will flip how alimony is taxed. This change is expected to play a significant role in future divorce filings in every state, including here in Colorado.

Robert De Niro and wife purportedly headed for divorce re-run

Marriage is often a difficult and emotionally taxing venture for most couples. For those under the added pressure of public scrutiny, keeping a marriage on solid footing may be even more challenging as many celebrity couples file for divorce. Colorado movie fans may have recently heard that actor Robert De Niro and Grace Hightower are purportedly calling it quits for the second time.

High asset divorce requires finesse and knowledgeable assistance

Those who have worked to accumulate wealth face more difficulties when their marriage comes to an end. While many Colorado residents believe that the best way to arrive at an acceptable settlement during a high asset divorce is to battle it out in court, there are other steps that can be taken. One of the most beneficial may be consulting with knowledgeable professionals.

Couple battling over value of silver in high asset divorce

During the breakdown of a marital relationship, there are often many points of contention. When couples are going through a high asset divorce, the level of bickering and accusations of wrongdoing is likely to intensify. Colorado residents who are embarking on their own high net worth divorce may wish to prepare a thorough inventory of all jointly held assets.

Men suffer in the aftermath of a divorce as much as women

When a marriage dissolves, it may seem that women garner more sympathy from friends and co-workers. However, men also suffer in the aftermath of a divorce and may struggle too in their life, especially when children are involved. In order to find the best options for a successful future, Colorado residents may choose to seek the advice of experienced professionals.

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