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Domestic Violence Archives

October is domestic violence awareness month to support victims

The majority of families in Colorado live in warm, nurturing environments where the members provide support for one another. Unfortunately, there are also families who experience the trauma of domestic violence in many different forms. In an effort to draw attention to this serious social issue, October has been designated as an awareness month.

Dallas Cowboys player acquitted of domestic violence charge

Every year it seems that a well-known athlete falls from the fans' good graces for one reason or another. That may be why it is refreshing when a player who has been accused of domestic violence is later found not guilty.  Unfortunately, as some Colorado families are aware, this type of behavior and allegations are not uncommon.

Getting help when domestic violence is part of the picture

Relationships are often difficult enough, especially when they are nearing the end. As a result of the elevated stress and emotional levels, the threat of domestic violence will sometimes become a factor. Colorado families do not have to face these situations on their own.

Lawmakers in one state seek wider database for protective orders

Entering into a new relationship can be an exciting time for new couples. Unfortunately, some relationships can end in victims of violence or threats seeking protective orders against a partner whom they now fear. Like every state, Colorado has laws in place that are intended to provide protection for those who are vulnerable in potentially violent relationships.

New survey highlights churches' stance on domestic violence

Many Colorado residents may believe that a church could be a safe place to turn to when there are problems within the family. However, a recent survey reveals that some of these institutions may not be the best refuge for those who have suffered from domestic violence. In fact, in certain circumstances, the response of those in charge could make the situation worse.

Colorado coach Joe Tumpkin faces allegations of domestic violence

In football, a safety's job is to be the hardest hitting tackler in order to try and prevent the other team from gaining yardage. Recently, a man entrusted with ensuring that the University of Colorado football team's safeties are tough and physical has been accused of domestic violence. He has not been charged yet, but the victim has obtained a restraining order.

Domestic violence in the Army may be underreported

The military is ultimately one of the most important avenues to help ensure that the populace stays safe in Colorado and elsewhere. However, a recent study has questioned whether certain instances of domestic violence are being adequately addressed within military families. If the information researchers discovered is accurate, then some children in military families may not be as safe as one would think.

Superstar pitcher for New York Mets accused of domestic violence

Many families in Colorado and other states in the nation encounter problems that appear impossible to resolve without outside intervention. Some situations are obviously more serious than others. When incidents occur where domestic violence is suspected, a concerned parent may feel the need to seek support for self-protection and to protect any children that might be in the home. There have been several professional athletes accused of domestic-related offenses recently, including famed pitcher of the New York Mets, Jeurys Familia.

What is considered to be domestic violence?

You have heard the term "domestic violence" and, like many people, you probably think of acts of physical violence when you hear this. While physical abuse does indeed constitute domestic violence, many other types of acts against a spouse/partner fall under this category. This includes acts that deal emotional, psychological, social, or financial damage.

Finding help to keep your children safe from violent situations

Most Colorado parents can relate to wanting what is best for their children. In some situations, particularly those involving physical danger, court intervention may be necessary to help keep your children safe. Domestic violence continues to plague many families, and a concerned parent often feels helpless as to where to turn for support.

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