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3 tips for surviving a highly-emotional divorce

Ending your marriage can be highly emotional. While getting a divorce may be a legal and financial process, there is much more to it than dividing assets, determining custody and going to court. You may deal with a powerful rollercoaster of emotions before, during and after the divorce.

How to prove you need alimony

If you are a stay-at-home spouse planning to get a divorce, you may have concerns about your financial stability. While you may assume you deserve spousal maintenance, you may wonder if you will actually get it. There is no guarantee of alimony payments, but it is common for nonworking spouses to receive some.

Is joint custody your best option?

If you are a Colorado parent facing a divorce, the welfare of your children after the divorce likely is one of your highest concerns. It also is likely one of your soon-to-be ex-spouse's concerns, too. After all, both of you undoubtedly love your children and neither of you wants to become the traditional absentee parent, reduced to seeing your children every other weekend, alternating holidays, etc. The two of you may therefore wish to consider a post-divorce joint custody arrangement.

How divorce can emotionally affect your college student

Some parents believe that the older their child is, the easier it will be for them to adjust to divorce. They have a better understanding of how relationships work and know that some marriages are not bound to last. Divorcing while your child is in college means that they do not have to witness the nasty divorce proceedings in person or have to endure a tedious custody battle.

More compromise leads to faster Colorado divorce proceedings

Though you may not get along with your spouse as you head toward divorce, trying to compromise on various issues may save you money and time. The emotional toll that divorce has on couples proves extreme, but distress only increases as more time is wasted dividing assets in court.

Are you in a controlling relationship?

No marriage is perfect. However, there are major differences between healthy relationships and toxic ones. Some spouses struggle to identify whether their partner is controlling or not. It's possible that they are accustomed to the other person's behavior. While it's true that an abusive spouse shows signs of physical aggression, emotional abuse is a huge factor as well. 

Leaving an abusive marriage takes courage

Marriage is challenging enough for any two-people coming from different pasts and merging their lives under one roof. However, when the union of marriage puts one person under the violent control of another, it is simply a recipe for disaster. No person, neither man nor woman deserves to be treated inhumanely physically, verbally, sexually or emotionally. Damage to the psyche is incredibly harmful to an individual, especially under the constraints of a marriage vow.

Can a parent be forced to pay for college after divorce?

College is expensive and can easily cost parents $50,000 or more each year. While many students are legally adults, most are still financially dependent and cannot afford to pay for schooling on their own without significant financial aid and/or student loans.

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