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Child support deception lands officer on wrong side of the law

When parents can no longer maintain a relationship, the well-being of their child usually takes precedent. This includes resolving such issues as with whom the child will reside and which parent will be responsible for making child support payments. When these matters prove difficult to settle, Colorado parents can seek the advice of family law professionals.

Study reports fathers still awarded much less child custody time

In spite of the efforts that some states have made to award equal parenting time, one recent study indicates that fathers are still awarded significantly less time with their children. The results were broken down into different categories, but the end result is that fathers are still lagging behind in the time they are permitted to spend with their children. Though Colorado has its own child custody laws, the researchers expressed the hope that more states would strive to revise their laws in favor of shared custody.

Professional parents locked in on-going child support battle

Often, the classic tale of boy meets girl does not turn out to have a storybook ending as the partners may discover that they are not well suited. Unfortunately, if a child resulted from an unhealthy relationship, the ongoing battle over child support may continue for years. Colorado parents who are attempting to resolve these difficult disputes may benefit from the guidance of an attorney.

Does your family need a co-parenting plan?

Your children mean everything to you. They are your number one priority. Now that you and your spouse have decided to separate, you want to make sure that you do what is in the best interest of your kids. While you have taken the first steps to comfort them and listen to their concerns, you still worry about life long-term.

Determing child custody for unmarried parents can be tricky

When a marriage between parents dissolves, it can be difficult for all parties involved. In cases where the parents were never married, deciding how to settle child custody may be even more complicated. Colorado has custody laws in place, but these situations may require extra attention in order to ensure that the child's best interests are protected.

Federal agency announces updates to child support system

Recently, the federal Office of Child Support Enforcement announced several updates it has made to its system that impact employers throughout the country, including Colorado. According to its records, approximately $33 billion was collected for child support during 2016, with 75 percent of that amount collected through income withholding. The agency also reported that employers registered an estimated 65.6 million new or re-hired workers in that year.

A Colorado couple fights over frozen assets in a divorce dispute

For many couples who have fought to get pregnant, fertility treatment is a miracle worker. Assisted reproductive technology is as costly financially as it is emotionally. Failure can bring some relationships to the breaking point. When it comes to diving assets, after all is said and done, one Glenwood Springs couple is facing an unexpected dilemma in their divorce proceedings. After separating almost everything that made up their life as a married couple, the dispute arose when it could not be determined whom the recipient of the contents within a particular freezer would be. 

The basics of interstate custody arrangements

For divorced or unmarried parents living in separate states, navigating child custody arrangements can be difficult. The reasons are varied, perhaps one parent moved to another state for work, or a parent wished to be closed to extended family after the divorce. Regardless of the reasons for the separation, parenting over long distances and across state lines poses unique challenges.

Many states push for more equal child custody agreements

Even though the 1950's show called Father Knows Best was a popular program back in its day, the adage did not usually apply when it came time for judges to decide which parent should be the primary caregiver in the event of a divorce. Instead, in the majority of cases, mothers were awarded sole child custody more than 80 percent of the time. However, in almost half of the states, which may include Colorado, there has been a movement for family courts to push for more equal parenting time.

County worker fired for alleged involvement in child custody case

There are few times in life that can create more conflict than during and in the months following a relationship break-up involving children. Parents who are at odds over the issue of child custody may struggle to determine which arrangement will work best. Colorado parents who are experiencing difficulty in this area may seek further information on how to best resolve the matter.

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