Who gets the car in a divorce?

Divorce presents a host of financial considerations for both parties. One of these difficult choices involves who will maintain vehicle ownership and responsibility after the ink has dried on the divorce decree. Determining who will keep a car during a divorce is a...

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Modifying your divorce decree

Your life has probably changed completely since your divorce. You may have a new home, a new schedule, and maybe a new focus on your career. There may even be a new partner in your life. There are many reasons why the divorce decree that was finalized years ago simply...

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Things that are unenforceable in a prenup

Many married couples are discovering the advantages of entering into a prenuptial agreement prior to marriage. In fact, over half of all attorneys in the United States reported an increase in the number of requested prenups, as per a report in Time.  In the event...

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The FBI’s pursuit against corporate fraud

Corporations, specifically C Corporations, are the subject of regulation by federal and state laws, perhaps more stringently than other types of business formations. When upper management errs in failing to ensure compliance with regulations and laws concerning the...

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3 reasons to avoid delaying a divorce

There are many contributing factors to the fact Colorado's divorce rate is on the decline. In 2013, the divorce rate in the state reached a record low for the previous decade. Some experts claim this drop is due to a rise in education. While Colorado has seen fewer...

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