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Why postnuptial agreements may alleviate financial distress

Prenuptial agreements define specific, individual assets before a marriage in the event of a divorce. You and your spouse avoided signing one due to its connotative definition of protecting one person's wealth. Now, you head for financial and relationship turmoil, and you wonder about your options had you not signed a pre-nup.

Modifying your divorce decree

Your life has probably changed completely since your divorce. You may have a new home, a new schedule, and maybe a new focus on your career. There may even be a new partner in your life. There are many reasons why the divorce decree that was finalized years ago simply doesn't reflect your current situation.

How does emotional abuse tie in with domestic violence?

Spousal abuse is a pervasive issue that affects men and women of all races, income levels and social standing. Each year in Colorado and elsewhere, thousands of people fear for their safety from those they should be able to trust the most. There is no dispute that domestic violence is a terrible problem that should never happen. However, you might wonder where emotional and psychological abuse fit in the puzzle. Is non-violent abuse as serious as a slap, punch, kick or worse?

The FBI’s pursuit against corporate fraud

Corporations, specifically C Corporations, are the subject of regulation by federal and state laws, perhaps more stringently than other types of business formations. When upper management errs in failing to ensure compliance with regulations and laws concerning the operation of the corporation, those with involvement may suffer serious legal consequences.

Alimony statute provides clearer guidance on amount and duration

Alimony in Colorado is often an uncertain issue. Colorado statute section 14-10-114 attempts to provide for a more reliable, less discretionary determination of alimony. That statute requires that the court, in a situation where one spouse has requested alimony, make specific findings with regard to a list of factors to consider prior to granting or denying the request.

5 tips for avoiding a DUI after a Halloween party

With Halloween coming up, you will probably be out eating, drinking and partying with friends. Going to a Halloween party with alcohol means your odds of getting arrested for drunk driving are higher. Blue and red lights flashing behind you on October 31st are far scarier than anything else you will see that night. 

About interstate child custody arrangements

Colorado has one of the highest divorce rates in the country. According to data collected by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, most states have a divorce rate around two or three per 1,000 people in the state's population. However, Colorado has a divorce rate of 4.4 as of 2011. 

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