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September 2015 Archives

Would you like your divorce records to be sealed?

The recent news of the divorce of a southern governor has made headlines in Colorado and across the nation. The matter is of interest not due to a scandal, but because the parties have successfully petitioned the family court handling their divorce to seal the records from public view. Many across the nation feel that if divorce records are public information for the "average" person, then no individual should be given exception to that rule. Others, however, feel that the end of a marriage is a private matter and want to learn if they can have their own cases kept from the public record.

Facebook to be allowed in child custody case

A recent ruling concerning the use of social media within a custody dispute has set legal precedent in one state. Parents in Colorado and elsewhere are aware that social media can come into play within a divorce or child custody case, but states vary on whether information gleaned from those accounts can be used as evidence in court. In this case, one parent is asking the court to review the other's Facebook profile in order to determine how much time was spent away from the shared child.

Terrence Howard's divorce settlement overturned in court

Many Colorado residents are familiar with the acting career of Terrence Howard. After being nominated for an Academy Award in 2005 for the movie "Hustle and Flow," Howard went on to achieve wide acclaim for his role on the hit television show "Empire." He has made recent headlines, however, for his highly contentious divorce case and his recent victory in court.

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