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March 2015 Archives

Divorce planning: don’t forget potential income tax issues

One of the issues divorcing couples don’t often consider until problems arise is that they may be jointly and severally liable for each other’s income tax debts under federal law. This means that one can become liable for an ex-spouse’s tax liabilities even after divorce, even if it was established in the divorce proceedings that spouses are liable for their own tax debts or that only one spouse is liable.

The truth about divorce-related grief

Many of our readers are likely familiar with the traditional five stages of grief or loss. These stages include denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. The idea that these various states are “stages” is somewhat deceiving. Usually, when a living creature goes through various stages of development, the process is linear. One stage completes, another begins and the cycle progresses one stage after another. The truth about divorce-related grief, and many other kinds of grief for that matter, is that these stages are almost never linear.

Benefits of befriending your co-parent's spouse

We have previously written about how important it is for co-parents to have a positive, healthy relationship with one another. When co-parents fail to “get along” the tension in their relationship can negatively impact everyone affected by it. Similarly, it is important to have a positive and healthy relationship with your co-parent’s spouse whenever possible. Just as a negative relationship with your co-parent can negatively affect you and your children, a negative relationship with your children’s step-parent can also result in negative impacts.

The benefits of certain self-care behaviors post-divorce

Several years ago, the memoir “Eat, Pray, Love” became a best-seller and was then turned into a blockbuster movie. It is not difficult to see why the message behind this memoir resonates with so many individuals. The memoir’s author suffers through a heartbreaking divorce. She then decides to travel for an extended period of time eating in Italy, praying in India and seeking balance (and ultimately learning to love again) in Indonesia. The idea that one must change and evolve after suffering heartbreak is not a new idea. However, the concept of emotional renewal is not always on the minds of individuals navigating the ups and downs of life post-divorce.

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