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December 2014 Archives

Martial property and equitable division in Colorado

If you are getting a divorce in Colorado, there are many things that you should know about the process, starting with how your property may be divided. Since Colorado is not a state with community property laws, you do not get to assume that the split is going to be perfectly equal, allowing both parties to take 50 percent.

Divorcing? Consider this potential New Year's resolution

The holiday season is nearly over. If you are currently pursuing a divorce or plan to file for divorce after the holidays have concluded, you may benefit from considering a very specific New Year’s resolution. The most important aspect of your divorce process involves healing from the breakup of your marriage so that you may seek a happier and healthier future. However, another important aspect of the divorce process involves obtaining a fair divorce settlement as your financial security can dramatically impact your wellbeing.

Are you staying in an unhealthy marriage for these reasons?

No two marriages are the same. Each marriage operates under a unique set of circumstances. As a result, only the spouses directly tied to any given marriage can truly understand it. If you are married, only you fully understand your values, priorities and limits. You may be happily married or you may be staying in an unhealthy marriage for any number of reasons. The choice to remain in an unhealthy marriage or seek a divorce is ultimately up to you. But if the marriage is unlikely to become healthier any time soon, you may benefit from considering divorce.

How parents can keep holidays cheery while they are divorcing

If you are currently working your way through the divorce process or have recently finalized it, you may not be in the mood for a “Holly Jolly Christmas.” However, if you have children, it is probably important to you that they have a happy holiday season. Unfortunately, the holidays can be challenging in the wake of a divorce, partially because many of your former traditions may not be able to play out in the same ways that they used to.

Retirement benefits, the SBP and military divorces

Every divorce has its unique matters. When facing divorce, most individuals have many concerns and questions about the future, including in relation to financial matters. You may know that family law rules allow the divorce process to include pension plans, 401(k)s and the like in the property division analysis.

How co-parenting relationships can benefit from shared meaning

It is very easy to get wrapped up in one’s everyday activities and obligations without stopping to pause and ask “Why?” Why are you engaging in these activities? Why are you obligated to do some things and why do you feel obligated to do others? The meaning behind the everyday actions of our lives should ground us. Meaning should arguably drive not only our intentions but also how we execute the actions paired with those intentions.

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