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How divorce can emotionally affect your college student

Some parents believe that the older their child is, the easier it will be for them to adjust to divorce. They have a better understanding of how relationships work and know that some marriages are not bound to last. Divorcing while your child is in college means that they do not have to witness the nasty divorce proceedings in person or have to endure a tedious custody battle.

However, your child is still developing as a young adult when they are at the university. Aside from now potentially having to worry about financial aid since Colorado does not force divorcing parents to pay for college expenses, they now may struggle to function at school knowing all the family drama is going on at home. You need to know the various ways a divorce can impact your kid at college so you can continue to support them even when it is not in person.

Stagnant relationship status

College is a time where many Colorado students begin finding their future spouses. With so many young adults living close to each other, a university is a great place for your child to begin and experiment with dating other people.

However, your child will be aware of more long-term consequences of relationships since they are starting to deal with your separation. Recent studies show that children from parents that had high levels of conflict are more likely to divorce as adults.

An increase in stress

Even though many Colorado adults talk about how fun college was, many fail to mention how difficult it can be for many individuals. Aside from the increase in difficulty, your child has to select a major, commit to it, find a job and prepare themselves as best as they can to go out into the world as a new adult. Divorce can add additional stress to their situation and make them lose sleep in an already physically and mentally demanding work environment.

Some parents in even wait to separate until their child graduates to avoid giving them too much baggage to carry. Unfortunately, that patience may not be applicable to your relationship.

A disconnect from home

If your child is attending a state college such as the University of Colorado or Adams State University, they can feel safe knowing they can come home for a weekend to spend some time with you or grab additional items from their room. Unfortunately with divorce, that home they grew up in might not be yours when they get back, or potentially even your spouse's. They might have more incentive to stay on campus and deal with their mixed feelings on their own.

No matter what age your child is, you still have your parental duties of comforting them during and after your divorce. College students are at a critical point in their life that could shape their entire future, so you need to continue showing as much support as you can without trying to let your spousal separation ruin your relationship with your kid.

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