Guiding You Through The Unique Issues Associated With Military Divorce

The Law Center P.C. is proud to represent members of the U.S. Armed Forces and their spouses in Colorado Springs, throughout El Paso County and across the state. Due to the integration of cutting-edge technology into our practice, we are able to use videoconferencing and other tools to serve clients in both urban centers and remote locations.

Addressing Issues Raised By Reserve Time Vs. Active-Duty Time

One issue of great complexity in military divorces is delineating between reserve time versus active-duty time. This has become a particular concern in recent years, since a large percentage of reservists have been called up for active duty.

Our attorneys know how to accurately identify the issues at stake, and we bring in additional experts as needed to fairly divide military pensions and other retirement assets.

Colorado Law Protects The Rights Of Parents Who Are Deployed

In most situations, a parent separated from his or her child for more than six months is in danger of having his or her parental rights challenged. However, Colorado passed a specific statute to protect active-duty military personnel so that their parental rights are not prejudiced by deployment. Our law firm helps military service members fully understand and assert their newly granted rights.

Protecting Our Clients' Security Clearances

We have represented many military and ex-military personnel associated with the defense industry, such as employees of Lockheed Martin. We have particular experience resolving divorces that include criminal charges and accusations. A domestic violence charge or DUI charge can seriously affect a person's livelihood, since a conviction may result in the revocation of his or her security clearance.

Clients trust us to diligently and intelligently advocate on their behalves in both the family law and criminal law arenas. Our comprehensive legal practice allows us to provide reliable counsel that takes into account our clients' full range of issues and concerns.

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