Respected Complex Divorce Advocates

The Law Center P.C. is a highly respected law firm for complex divorce and other family law matters in Colorado. Our attorneys have experience with a broad spectrum of sophisticated legal issues related to marital dissolution, including the division of:

  • Professional practices, limited liability companies (LLCs) and other business entities
  • Interest from trusts, stocks and other investments and retirement accounts
  • Real property such as vacation homes and resorts

Assets And Interest Are Subject To Equitable Distribution

Having one spouse's name on the title of the house, the car or the boat is irrelevant when it comes to marital property division in Colorado. The court has the authority to divide assets in whatever manner it deems fair, regardless of whose name is on the title.

Accumulated interest is also subject to equitable distribution. If a man inherits three million dollars, the money is indisputably his, as long as he does not comingle it with marital funds or change the titling in a way that creates the presumption of a gift. However, any increase on that money is considered joint marital property and subject to division.

Dividing The Value Of Businesses And Professional Practices

The same principle above applies to dividing businesses during divorce. Any increase in value gained during the marriage is subject to equitable division.

At The Law Center P.C., we represent many entrepreneurs who own their own businesses. We also represent numerous physicians, dentists, lawyers, certified public accountants and other individuals near Highlands Ranch and beyond who have successful professional practices. Accurately valuing and dividing the value of such professional practices is complex endeavor, calling for the assistance of a skilled law firm to avoid substantial financial liability.

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