Civil Protection Orders For Victims of Domestic Violence

We Helped Write The Book On Domestic Violence

At The Law Center P.C. in Highlands Ranch, we have extensive experience in matters related to domestic violence and civil protection orders throughout the state. Attorney Robert B. Wareham coauthored the section on civil protection orders in the Practitioners' Guide to Colorado Domestic Relations Law.

In addition, Mr. Wareham served as a law enforcement officer for many years before becoming a family law lawyer. He truly understands the issues at stake when someone requires immediate protection or is unjustly charged with abuse.

Diligently Protecting Those In Danger Of Abuse

The safety and well-being of our clients and their children is of paramount importance to us, and we know how to move quickly to protect the victims of financial or physical abuse. If clients come to our office at 9 a.m., we can often get them into court by 1 p.m. to obtain a temporary civil protection order (also called a restraining order).

A civil protection order will prohibit the other person from visiting you, calling you, emailing you, texting you or contacting you by any other means.

Providing Seasoned Criminal Defense Representation

We also represent individuals accused of domestic violence. More and more often, spouses and significant others are charged with this crime for relatively minor actions. For instance, jeopardizing someone's financial security can fall under the umbrella of domestic violence. Threatening to close a joint bank account, cutting up a spouse's credit cards and other seemingly harmless actions may potentially be considered criminal offenses.

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