Why You Should Not Wait To Draft A Will

Creating A Clear Roadmap For Your Family To Follow

At The Law Center P.C. in Highlands Ranch, we know it can be difficult to contemplate end-of-life issues. Planning for your eventual death is not a prospect anyone enjoys, and yet it is critical. Our experienced estate planning lawyers help clients throughout Colorado navigate the emotional and legal challenges associated with creating Last Will and Testaments, trusts and other documents.

Although Colorado law allows for intestate succession, where a court divides the inheritance between family members without a will or trust, we believe it is far better to organize your affairs in advance. We can help you prepare. We can also help you keep your will up to date as you live your life, ensuring your legacy is kept in an orderly fashion.

Professional Assistance Can Prevent Significant Future Disputes

Once an individual is convinced that he or she needs a will, the next decision is whether to turn to an estate planning lawyer or attempt to create the legal documents independently. Numerous online services advertise free forms or low-cost options for creating wills. However, it is critical to keep the adage in mind, "You don't know what you don't know."

While inexpensive online resources may seem comprehensive and legally accurate at first glance, it takes an experienced attorney to thoroughly review the wording and ensure that it will actually stand up in court. Even more important, an attorney can ensure that a will does not turn out to be legally binding in a way the client never intended. Proper legal counsel can save extensive time, money, and stress for the future heirs and beneficiaries.

If you are located in Colorado, Nebraska or Kansas, we invite you to learn more about our estate planning services by calling The Law Center P.C. at 303-351-2914, or contact us online.  Our main office is located in Highlands Ranch, Colorado and we also have a Kansas office in Goodland for estate planning clients.