Tough Defense Against Domestic Violence Charges

People frequently get arrested on assault or domestic violence charges that are based on relatively benign conduct. If you stand in the doorway and tell your girlfriend, "You're not leaving this room until we settle this," it can be misconstrued as false imprisonment, which is an act of domestic violence.

If you hold down the button on the telephone so that your spouse can't carry out his or her threat to call a family member, it can be considered "interference with telephonic communication," which is an act of domestic violence.

When your freedom, rights and reputation are threatened by an accusation like this in Colorado, do not wait to take action to defend yourself. Turn to The Law Center P.C. Our skilled team of criminal defense attorneys provides vigorous and knowledgeable representation.

Understanding The Penalties For A Conviction

Colorado statute states that law enforcement officers "shall" make an arrest, not "may" make an arrest. If the police arrive and have probable cause to believe that an act of domestic violence has taken place — which can be no more than the other party claiming it happened — they must take the other person into custody.

Convictions for domestic violence in Colorado carry very heavy life consequences. In addition to serving jail time, you will lose your Second Amendment right to possess firearms or ammunition. Even if you take a deferred judgment and sentence, you must still complete a domestic violence evaluation, in addition to attending 36 weeks of counseling. You may also prejudice your parental rights in a current or future custody dispute.

The financial cost of a conviction is also very high. Domestic violence counseling usually costs around $3,600. Plus, you will have to pay for storing any firearms, and you will have to pay $50 as a probation supervision fee every month.

We Have The Experience You Can Count On

Founding attorney Robert B. Wareham is a former law enforcement officer with an in-depth understanding of criminal law. In fact, he co-authored the domestic violence chapter in the Practitioner's Guide to Colorado Domestic Relations Law.

Our law firm also includes a former criminal prosecutor, giving us even greater insight into how to successfully defend clients against these charges.

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