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Military Divorce Archives

Useful steps to begin the divorce process when spouse is deployed

Being married to a spouse who serves his or her country can be an honor and a burden. In some cases, a service member who is deployed may inform the stateside spouse that the marriage is no longer sustainable. In these difficult circumstances, there are steps that a spouse can take that may make the divorce process a little less challenging. Military spouses living in Colorado may consider these steps in order to make this life transition easier.

There are key financial considerations in a military divorce

Choosing to serve one's country through military service is not a decision to be taken lightly. The same decision process applies when a marriage is entered into or when that same relationship is no longer viable. Though a military divorce in Colorado is not radically different from a civilian dissolution, there are some key differences.

Steps for moving on during and after a Colorado divorce

When a spouse is just preparing to end a marriage, it can seem as if that process will last indefinitely. In reality, however, divorce is a life event that spans only a small period of time. There will be plenty of good days on the horizon, and many people find comfort in starting on the path of being single as soon as their divorce is initiated. While most experts advise against taking on a new relationship right away, there are many other aspects to being single, and delving into those can help maintain balance during and after a Colorado divorce.

Tips for keeping a Colorado divorce on track

Ending a marriage is far more like a marathon than a sprint. Divorce is a process that has a distinct beginning, middle and end. Colorado spouses play an important role in keeping this process on track and can have a great deal of impact on the timeline of the overall process. The following tips can help spouses keep their divorce moving forward.

Could divorce lead to poor nutrition for men?

Our nation has undergone a great deal of transformation when it comes to gender roles within the family and the community in general. A recent study, however, suggests that women and men may still embrace certain "traditional" general roles within the home, in Colorado and across the nation. Researchers looked at the dietary habits of both men and women, and found that men who go through divorce experience a significant decline in the nutritional value of their daily diets.

What would the divorce judge say to spouses?

While most Colorado couples are able to work through the details of their divorces on their own, many will find themselves in front of a divorce judge before the matter is settled. Family court judges see all manner of things, from the ridiculous to the outrageous. If they could speak directly to the individuals who stand before them, many would offer the following divorce advice.

After divorce, many women head back into the workforce

The end of a marriage brings a number of changes, some of which are more welcome than others. For many in Colorado, divorce will bring about the need to return to work. This is especially true for women, who have often set aside their own career path to care for their children and manage the household. For these women, re-entry into the workforce can be both an exciting and a daunting prospect.

Reasons to avoid a delay in divorce filing

With the holiday season nearly past, many Colorado spouses are turning their attention toward the New Year and all that it might hold. For some, that includes ending an untenable marriage. That decision may have been made many months ago, but spouses often delay filing until after the holiday season has passed. That time is nearly here, and it is important to understand the risks of continuing to wait to file for divorce.

Ashley Madison hack could spur divorce filings

As news of the Ashley Madison hack spreads, many spouses in Colorado are wondering if their partner is among the millions of people whose information was stored on the site. Ashley Madison has made a thriving business out of offering clients an online means of connecting with partners for the purpose of conducting an affair. A group called The Impact Team hacked into the site and has now released information that identifies nearly 39 million individuals who signed up for that service. That information could lead to a short-term spike in the number of divorce filings in coming months.

Should collaborative divorce be legislated?

Another state is currently struggling with issues related to how attorneys serve their clients during divorce. A bill is expected to be introduced to legislators later this year concerning collaborative divorce, and debate is rising on whether the matter requires legislation. Should the bill be passed into law, divorce attorneys who enter into a collaborative divorce process would be prohibited from shifting into a traditionally litigated approach if the collaborative process fails. As it stands, couples in Colorado and all other states have the ability to pursue a collaborative divorce.

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