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High Asset Divorce Archives

Court rules in favor of Fidelity executive on spousal maintenance

Couples tend to grow dependant on a certain lifestyle. However, if a marriage ends in a divorce, the income that provided comfortable support is now often expected to serve two separate households while both parties attempt to maintain a certain standard of living. Frequently, if the wife did not have outside employment suitable to sustain her needs, a court will order spousal maintenance. There are likely many Colorado families who have come to rely on these vital monies to provide the support they are accustomed to living.

Financial planning especially beneficial during divorce

Every day, hundreds of couples spend time, money and energy planning the perfect wedding. There may be far fewer couples who have a back up financial plan in the event a divorce becomes a reality. However, in light of the fact that many marriages do not survive, Colorado residents may benefit from having an idea of what they would need financially should they become single in the future.

There are special considerations in a high asset divorce

The end of a marriage can be one of the major stresses in a person's life. While a divorce can be emotionally demanding in itself, attempting to determine how to divide considerable assets may only up the anxiety levels for some Colorado families. However, it may pay off in the long run if certain aspects are taken into consideration during the process.

Man owes more than $299,000 in arrears after 2013 divorce

The majority of people who are ordered to make spousal and child support payments make every effort to meet those obligations. However, there are parents and former spouses who struggle to meet those monthly payments after their final divorce decrees. When Colorado residents struggle with these obligations, they do have options to seek a remedy.

A retirement account could be part of a divorce settlement

A marriage is often expected to provide a framework for two people to work together in order to achieve a comfortable standard of living. When a divorce becomes reality, couples may find themselves struggling to maintain the lifestyle they once enjoyed. That makes it even more important for a Colorado spouse to take a thorough assessment of what assets may be subject to division.

There are steps to take to financially survive a divorce

Oftentimes, when two people decide to marry, they have financial goals in mind that they envision accomplishing together. When those plans go awry due to a divorce, it may be a serious financial hardship for many. There are steps that Colorado families can take that may help shore up their monetary futures.

Ensuring you receive an equitable share during a Colorado divorce

The process of dissolving your marriage can take a toll on you both emotionally and financially. In the event of a divorce, ensuring that you receive an equitable share of the assets may feel like a difficult proposition. Even though Colorado divorce laws require a fair division of marital property, it may be subjective as to what equitable will mean to you.

Monetary considerations for older couples contemplating a divorce

In fairy tales, once upon a time typically leads to happily ever after. Real life rarely works out that way. In fact, many marriages do not last, including ones that have endured for decades. For any number reasons, some Colorado residents may be considering a later-in-life divorce.

Divorce among the wealthier can be long and difficult

In some areas of the country, marriages may be less likely to thrive, especially when one or the other experiences a significant rise in income. Marriage can be difficult under normal circumstances, but there seems to be a trend in one area of the country that sees many couples filing for divorce after they have achieved perceived success in their field. Colorado residents may be unaware that those who make a living in the technology fields may see more than their share of broken homes.

There are steps that can protect assets in case of a divorce

When a couple marries, they likely do not anticipate that the relationship may not survive. However, there are some steps that one can take to protect assets before a divorce takes a heavy toll on wealth. Taking steps to shelter wealth now can help Colorado residents avoid a financial hardship before vows are even exchanged.

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