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Father fights for child custody while working to retain privacy

There is usually never one reason why parents are not able to keep a marriage on track. When they make the decision to seek a separation and a subsequent divorce, child custody is likely the hardest issue to resolve. As parents in Colorado are aware, there are many factors that need to be taken into consideration when working to balance the best interests of their children while also seeking to ensure that their rights are protected.

There is more behind the words child custody than meets the eye

When a relationship between parents is no longer viable, it becomes necessary to determine what living arrangements will best suit the children involved. However, there is more behind the term child custody than meets the eye. Colorado residents who are going through a divorce may benefit from an overview of the various types of custody.

Father who was arrested involved in ongoing child custody case

For parents, one of the hardest issues to resolve after a relationship ends may be deciding with whom the children should primarily reside. The majority of the time, these child custody battles can be settled through mediation and the family courts. Every state has its own guidelines, and Colorado is no exception.

Radio host, Alex Jones, loses child custody case

In 2015, InfoWars radio host Alex Jones divorced his wife, Kelly Jones, and was given custody of the couple's three minor children. Now, in a relatively rare reversal, a jury determined that the mother presented the better option in the child custody trial that lasted nine days. The radio host's program likely has listeners in Colorado who may not have been aware that Jones was in the midst of a custody battle.

State conducts sweep in attempt to collect back child support

The vast majority of Colorado parents involved in divorce proceedings are able to work out the details concerning child custody and financial responsibility when they go their separate ways. Sometimes, however, payments are not made, and enforcement options must be considered. In those instances where a noncustodial parent is simply unable to pay court-ordered child support, it may be possible to obtain a temporary or permanent modification by filing a formal petition with the court. 

Child custody dispute ends in father's arrest; mother stabbed

Few issues in life may be more contentious than trying to decide where a child should live after the parents break up. Though it has happened, most child custody disputes do not end in a parent being physically attacked. Colorado parents do have resources to turn to when they find themselves in a bitter custody battle.

Tips for helping children adapt to two homes

If you are going through a divorce or separation, your mind may be pulled in a million directions. Just as it may be a struggle for you to rebuild your life as a party of one and perhaps find a new place to live, among other major transitions, it may also be a struggle for your children.

How child custody works in Colorado

It is possible that deciding that a marriage or relationship isn't working may be the easier decision when children are involved. The harder issue may be determining how child custody will work out between the parents. In Colorado, the family laws were codified in 1973 and renamed in 1999 in order to better reflect the prevailing thoughts as to what living arrangements appear to best benefit the children. 

DUI and child custody in Colorado

When it comes to divorce proceedings, many factors come together to influence the final outcome. Some of these factors are beneficial, some are not. A conviction of driving while under the influence can have serious consequences for a person on its own, but it can have an even greater impact on a divorce proceedings and determining child custody.

Robin Thicke will continue to share child custody time with ex

Possibly one of the hardest aspects of divorce may be how to handle the raising of a former couple's children. It may only get more difficult to reach a child custody agreement when at least one parent is a celebrity as it gets more difficult to keep one's private life out of the news. As Colorado residents may have read, Robin Thicke recently had another public disagreement with his son's mother.

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