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The high cost of a DUI conviction in Colorado

If you face a driving under the influence charge in Colorado, you can expect the penalties associated with a conviction to vary based on factors such as whether it is your first offense, among others. Even first-time offenders face considerable penalties, however, and the Colorado Department of Transportation reports that the average cost of a first-time DUI conviction now tops $10,000.

Do you have a good exit plan for leaving your spouse?

If you can see the writing on the wall and know without a doubt that your marriage is about to end, you need to consider your options. You could let the situation become tense, stressful and chaotic, or you could put together a sound exit plan that becomes operational when the time comes to broach the subject of divorce.

Tips for couples where one parent stays at home

If you are getting married and have a loose arrangement in place that one parent stays at home to care for any future children while the other works, it is a good idea to consider a prenuptial agreement. Such agreements ease the strain on the marriage by providing reassurance that both spouses will be taken care of financially.

Common questions husbands have about spousal maintenance payments

If you had a long marriage and were the primary breadwinner, you might be stressing out about the consequences of your divorce. You might wonder how much of your hard-earned money you will have to fork out for spousal maintenance payments. While lifetime spousal support is fairly rare, you might potentially face some serious rehabilitative and long-term payments.

Colorado physicians and DUI charges

For practicing physicians in Colorado, a DUI conviction can have even more serious consequences than for someone who is not a licensed professional. When you face DUI charges, you need to deal not just with the criminal justice system but also with the Medical Board.

4 costly mistakes to avoid in a high-asset divorce

No matter the details, getting divorced can be emotionally and financially difficult. If your divorce involves a substantial number of assets and property to be divided, your long-term economic well-being may be on the line. You might be tempted to rush to a settlement to get it over with, but this can have damaging consequences. Here are four common mistakes to avoid while going through a high-asset divorce.

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