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Prenups can facilitate division of marital assets

Couples who are in the entertainment industry likely face many pressures on their marriages that the the average family does not face. However, there are many reasons why any marriage may not survive, and then the former couple may struggle to determine the best approach when it comes to the division of marital assets. Whether a family resides in Hollywood or Colorado, a prenuptial agreement may prove to be a valuable document in the event of a divorce.

Recently, another popular couple in the entertainment industry announced that they were wrapping up eight years of marriage in favor of a legal separation. What is not known, is whether they had chosen to sign a prenup before they married. These documents are not just for celebrities or the wealthy. Indeed, they may prove to be invaluable for couples who have children from a previous relationship or who may own a business.

Dating while divorcing: It is a good idea?

A divorce does not have to signal the end of a person's love life. According to data from the Pew Research Center, approximately 40 percent of all marriages in 2013 involved a person who had been married previously. While a person going through a separation can certainly marry again once the court finalizes the divorce, he or she should be careful of dating before the finalization. 

Typically, divorces take a lot of time to finish. During that time, one spouse may find someone he or she is crazy about, but the spouse should be mindful of seriously dating. Not only can it create confusing emotions for any children, but it also can hurt the person in court. 

Domestic violence prevention is everyone’s obligation

Domestic violence is a scourge that Colorado is determined to overcome. People in positions of administrative power may have a level of responsibility to take action when they are on notice that someone under their review or control may be committing DV. It is no longer only the violent actor who can suffer the consequence of his actions, but so can those who may otherwise turn a blind eye.

Recently, as reported by CBS Denver, administrators of the University of Colorado may be responsible for allegedly not adequately addressing the fact that there was an ongoing investigation probe against one of the University’s assistant coaches. The coach’s ex-girlfriend accused him of hitting and choking her in 2016, and she purportedly notified the school officials. Nonetheless, the assistant coach received a promotion at the end of December prior to an upcoming bowl game. Then, in early January, a court judge issued a restraining order against that coach, and it was only shortly thereafter that the school suspended the assistance coach, who ultimately resigned later that month.

Dallas Cowboys player acquitted of domestic violence charge

Every year it seems that a well-known athlete falls from the fans' good graces for one reason or another. That may be why it is refreshing when a player who has been accused of domestic violence is later found not guilty.  Unfortunately, as some Colorado families are aware, this type of behavior and allegations are not uncommon.

Jourdan Lewis, who is just starting his rookie year with the Dallas Cowboys, recently had his day in court regarding allegations by a former partner that he had abused her. According to the complainant, Lewis had thrown pillows at her during a disagreement. Reportedly, Lewis had retired for the evening and left a lamp on in their home. When his girlfriend returned home, the couple started arguing over their finances. At some point during the heated discussion, Lewis purportedly threw some pillows at her.

Does he recognize the contributions you made by staying at home?

Conflict is a fact in many divorces, but it does not always spring from the same source. For example, a couple could be splitting amicably, but things go downhill when one person starts dating someone new. In another situation, one partner may argue against spousal support, with the other partner feeling resentful that the contributions she made by staying at home are unrecognized.

If you are a wife with a soon-to-be ex who refuses to acknowledge the value you brought by staying at home, you are likely going through a lot of mental anguish. Not only is there the fact that he apparently thought lowly of you all these years, there is now uncertainty about your future.

Father fights for child custody while working to retain privacy

There is usually never one reason why parents are not able to keep a marriage on track. When they make the decision to seek a separation and a subsequent divorce, child custody is likely the hardest issue to resolve. As parents in Colorado are aware, there are many factors that need to be taken into consideration when working to balance the best interests of their children while also seeking to ensure that their rights are protected.

When one of the parents involved in a custody dispute is a veteran, there may be other matters that can become factors when a court is seeking to resolve the matter. One such father is now fighting to balance his right to parent his children with protecting his right to privacy. This man has been seeking treatment for PTSD and is receiving full retirement benefits from the veterans' administration. He states that his metal health condition has no bearing on his ability to effectively parent his children.

Useful steps to begin the divorce process when spouse is deployed

Being married to a spouse who serves his or her country can be an honor and a burden. In some cases, a service member who is deployed may inform the stateside spouse that the marriage is no longer sustainable. In these difficult circumstances, there are steps that a spouse can take that may make the divorce process a little less challenging. Military spouses living in Colorado may consider these steps in order to make this life transition easier.

When one receives news that a deployed spouse is contemplating a divorce, one of the first steps a stateside spouse may choose is consulting with an experienced family law attorney. Doing so does not commit one to filing for a divorce, but it may allow the spouse to assess his or her options. This meeting could also help a spouse gain a clearer picture of the process and how to prepare for a divorce should it become inevitable. A another step that may prove beneficial is taking advantage of any counseling offered by the military for spouses before a divorce is initiated. Counseling can help one deal with the emotional aspects that are involved when a relationship is floundering.

Higher divorce rate for those in certain careers

A healthy marriage can be difficult to maintain under the best of circumstances. Add in the stresses of certain careers and other factors, and it may not be surprising that some relationships are more likely to end in a divorce. As many Colorado families have learned, it is better to leave an unhealthy relationship than to remain in a broken marriage.

According to the latest research utilizing data from the Census Bureau, there are some careers that are more prone to experiencing higher rates of divorce. Those who work as military supervisors for enlisted personnel see the highest rates at approximately 30 percent. These professionals are responsible for overseeing those who are first-line military service members, which can lead to a higher level of danger. The percentages varied somewhat among the different branches. Those who were deployed experienced the highest overall rates.

Getting married? 3 reasons to get a prenup

Divorce is on the decline in Colorado. In an article by Colorado Public Radio, it stated that the divorce rate in Colorado is the lowest it has been since 2004. Reports show that 4.08 divorces take place out of every 1,000 residents.

While no one hopes to get divorced, it is beneficial to plan ahead. A prenuptial agreement can make things incredibly easier in the event the marriage ends in a divorce. While separating is not something two fiancés want to think about, it is important to be prepared for anything. 

Man owes more than $299,000 in arrears after 2013 divorce

The majority of people who are ordered to make spousal and child support payments make every effort to meet those obligations. However, there are parents and former spouses who struggle to meet those monthly payments after their final divorce decrees. When Colorado residents struggle with these obligations, they do have options to seek a remedy.

One man is reportedly on the run from his home state in an effort to avoid paying the estimated $9,100 in monthly payments for his former spouse and children. According to officials, he has not paid any money since his 2013 divorce. He claims that his ex-wife received considerable finds from his business, but that money was not correctly classified as support money.

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